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About Ljubomir

In 1958, Ljubivoje ("Lou") Kljajic' escaped from communist Yugoslavia to come to America. He was 23 years old and had no money or resources to his name. He finally was able to obtain permission to enter America in 1961

In those days, immigrants had to have a sponsor--some group or individuals that would vouch for you and hold you accountable. It was the Serbian Orthodox Church that took him in. He did not speak English, and lost his first three jobs because of it. Resolved to succeed, he learned to speak the language, got married and ultimately moved west to California. He owned and ran his business from 1973 until his death in 2012. He never "struck it rich" but made a comfortable living and raised his three boys to be strong and self-sufficient. Still, he always dreamt of having a small farm with a few animals and some elbow room.

This dream was internalized and is being carried forward by his youngest son, Scott (and his wife, Mychael). We are dedicated to carrying forward the values Ljubivoje instilled in his sons which are a wholesome combination of the best of Christian, Serbian, and American. Mychael is ethnically Irish, so our site offers products which are a nod to that part of our family history too.

We have been given so much by those who came before us. Not just material things, but values and a line of continuity that runs through the past, present and future that demands to be honored.

Next year, we hope to start the final push to build our ranch/log home on the Montana site we purchased a few years ago. Right now, we operate in Texas, as Scott is still fulfilling his active duty army obligation and we are stationed here.

Ljubivoje passed away before this project was truly off the ground. It is our firm belief that he sits in heaven and is pleased as his grandchildren play in the dirt and live the farm life that his dreams planted for us:

The name "Ljubomir" literally means "love and peace" in Serbian. There are quite a few names and nicknames in that region of the world that start with the prefix "ljubov" and this is a nod to our patriarch. It is pronounced "YOU-bow-mere," and like most Serbian words, the emphasis in on the first syllable.

Thank you for reading, and God bless you!